Bridal Crowns and Hair Accessories

Bridal Crowns and Hair Accessories

Buongiorno spose belle! We hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day filled with romance. Have any of you by any chance started planning your wedding? Then surely you have begun to think about your wedding day bridal look. From gowns and veils to bridal crowns and hair accessories, your “total look” really speaks volumes about your wedding style and the type of bride you would like to be. Recently there has been a resurgence in fabulous bridal crowns and hair accessories, ranging from opulent gold tiaras to rustic floral garlands.

Whether demure and sweet, or bohemian and ecelectic, there are bridal crowns and hair accessories that will definitely fit your style – because every bride wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day!

Accessorizing your Bridal Look

Once you choose your bridal gown, you will begin looking for your jewelry and accessories to compliment it. Bridal accessories are always a great way to personalize your bridal look and add a unique touch. The color of the headpiece should, however, complement the color of your gown. If your dress has ivory or silver beading, a stark white headband would probably look too bright. If you’re going for a vintage-inspired look, consider a tiara that has exposed metal rather than one that is completely covered in crystals. A flower crown should also complement your bridal bouquet. Whichever flowers will be featured in your bouquet should also be replicated in your flower crown. If the flowers are too large, like beautiful peonies, then you could use a smaller flower in the same color like ranunculus or garden roses.

Bridal Hairstyles

No matter which hairstyle you choose, bridal crowns and hair accessories can instantly transform the look from ordinary to extraordinary. The secret is finding a headpiece that complements your hairstyle. If you love the idea of having a bun, is your vision a high ballerina bun or a low side-swept chignon style? Will you wear your hair down and natural or in a sweet half-up style? If your hair is long and thick, consider something bigger that can stand up to the weight, rather than smaller accessories, which will be less noticeable and vice versa if your hair is fine.

Our Favorite Styles

Whatever you choose, your veil, jewelry, bridal crowns and hair accessories should enhance your look, not distract from it. Here are a few examples of our favorite bridal crowns and hair accessories of the moment.

bridal crowns and hair accessories

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bridal crown tiara

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bridal crown olive leaves

(via grey likes weddings)


gold bridal crown

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crystal bride tiara wedding italy

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vintage italy tuscany wedding tiara

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gold tiara wedding italy tuscany

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vintage crown veil wedding tuscany

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flower crown roses weddig italy

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rustic flower crown wedding tuscany italy

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rustic gold vintage crown bride italy

(via green wedding shoes)

What kind of bridal crown or headpiece do you envision wearing for your wedding? We’d love to know, tell us below!

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