Wedding Tents and Marquees

Wedding Tents and Marquees

Good morning and buongiorno lovely ladies and gents! Today we are discussing a very important issue in wedding planning. It is a universal concern not only while planning a wedding a Tuscany, but all over the world. When one is searching for a wedding venue, many tend to see the more beautiful aspects of the location, visualizing a sunny affair or an elegant evening under the stars. Not many people, unfortunately, think about the possibility of every weddings arch enemy: rain. It all boils down to two important words: Plan B. And Plan B for many wedding venues means renting a tent or marquee.

Plan B

No matter the superstitions, nobody wants rain on their wedding day. However, it is absolutely something that must be considered when choosing a wedding location. If you don’t want to have to rent a wedding tent, then your location must be able to fit all of your guests inside (and many times that means for both the ceremony and reception). If there isn’t enough space, don’t despair! A combination of interior and covered exterior spaces could be the solution and there are many beautiful options for wedding tents and marquees.

Types of Tents

Though a tent may not be your ideal wedding solution, it is a great option if you’re dead set on an outdoor vibe. A wedding tent can also be a fabulous blank canvas for your decor, letting you really do anything your heart desire with it’s lofty ceilings and versatile sides. Rain can be very disappointing to couples, but it’s best to move on and accept it for what it is, which easy to do with a great Plan B. A fabulous tent can make it even easier. From stake and sailcloth, to crystal and white draped and even teepees, there is a tent for every wedding style and location. Here are some of our favorites!

Wedding Tents and Marquees

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Wedding Tents and Marquees tuscany

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Wedding Tents and Marquees italy

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Wedding Tents and Marquees italian

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Wedding Tents and Marquees tuscan

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Wedding Tents and Marquees tuscany

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Wedding Tents and Marquees italy florence

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Wedding Tents and Marquees florence

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Wedding Tents and Marquees

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Which type of wedding tent would you choose for your Plan B? We’d love to hear form you!

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