3 Cool Ideas For A Pet-Friendly Wedding

If you love your pets more than anything in the world and can’t stand the idea of having to celebrate your big day without one of the most important members of your family, we have good news for you: you don’t have to! Here at Blanc we are pet lovers ourselves and have a couple of ideas for a fantastic pet-friendly wedding ceremony.

Easy to organise and don’t require much of a hassle in terms of planning. Your pooch or kitten deserve to be there just as much as the family members you love. A wedding is a chance to celebrate unity, family and love and that includes also our little animal friends.

Check out these three ideas on how to include your pets at your wedding without having to hire a pet-sitter.

Pet Ring-Bearer

pet-friendly wedding

You have a well-behaved and fairly trained dog? It could be such a sweet idea to train the pooch to bring the rings at the altar. Guaranteed to make an impression and cause a little –Aaaaw!- moment. Imagine your little pooch strolling down the isle with the promise rings in between the laughter and sweet happiness of all the guests.
Although we don’t recommend cats for this role ’cause they are very well known for doing whatever they please!

Dressed for a wedding

wedding kitty

Another cute idea is dressing your pets for the occasion and set them up for a little meet-n-greet with the guests. The pet will be happy and entertained. having such lovely people pet it and play with it. Pet treats are a game changers. You could set up a little jar of them and have the dog or cat be a source of entertainment for your guests as well. Plus, can you imagine a kitten with a bow-tie? Adorable. A pet-friendly wedding with a furry guest dressed to impress!

Honour Photo Shoot


If you think the above are a little impractical due to your pet’s personality then consider a photo shoot! Include you cat or dog (or other pets) by dedicating a little photo shoot to them. Funny pics of your dog with a funky dog-suit on or a sweet portrait of your kitten with a bouquet. Talk to the photographer and arrange some poses that your pet would be comfortable with. You can even include them in your own engagement photos. It only seems fair to have a sweet memory of your little friends as well!

Of course you should consider the venue, the weather and overall personality of your pet. Personally we work with professionals that have the maximum respect toward animals. Most of our venues allow pets in their estates. We are sure that they will be able to accommodate any requests when it comes to furry friends. We also have a lot of venues that have a very large estate where they will be able to roam around and have fun on their own.

Just check out our blog articles and we will suggest many fun activities for pets as well!

For more info about pet-friendly wedding ideas or wedding venues that allow animals, please contact us and we will help you!

Team Blanc

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