4 Questions To Ask About Your Wedding Venue In Italy

Today we talk about ten question you should really ask if you booked a wedding venue in Italy. We know that planning a wedding abroad can be quite the challenge, especially when it comes to talking to vendors, managers and decor artists. Before all those things comes the wedding venue! Without further a do, here 4 questions you should ask!

wedding venue in italy



Goes without saying that the first thing you should know is the availability of said venue. If you don’t have a specific date set, but can work around a period of time, we suggest you ask for close-by dates. No reason to miss an awesome venue just because it’s not available the 10th of May (but it is for the 11th)!

Ps. We suggest you book it waaaay in advance. It should be the first thing on the list!



Booking a wedding venue in Italy can be quite pricey, especially when you choose premium locations and book entire castles!  Be sure to have a clear upfront estimate, with or without taxes, of what the total cost of the venue is going to be. Be sure to ask what it includes and what is expected of you. You should also ask how much the deposit for your venue will be and act accordingly.



How many people can it fit? Is It far from the main airports, station or bus rides? Is it easy to find for people that don’t know their way around? Be sure to ask these questions in order to plan an easy trip for your guests. You can make their life (and yours!) so much easier just by planning accordingly to the venue.



Do they offer catering, decor and such services? Are they organized for that? Ask in advance in order to avoid mistakes that need to be fixed last minute. If they do offer catering, ask if its included in the venue price or if they have any package. Think about all aspects of your wedding and if you have to outsource it in case your wedding venues doesn’t offer those kid of services.


Usually, the wedding planner thinks about all these things.

Especially if you decide to book a wedding venue in Italy, it is surely the best idea to trust an experienced wedding planner that will manage every little detail. So you don’t have to go crazy!

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