These 5 Beach Wedding Ideas Have Us Dreaming! (Especially number 3!)

The crazy temperatures make us wish we were at the beach enjoying the sun. We took that feeling and decided to compose a piece with few decor inspirations. There is nothing like saying “I do” overlooking the vast sea. The backdrop for your wedding is already there and it just ties everything together. We came up with a few ideas for a beach-themed wedding.


  1. Tropical altar

There is nothing quite cute and inspiring like palm leaves as an altar idea. Very much in theme with the whole concept and it could be cute for a young couple, passionate about nature and beach activities.


beach ideas

  1. Beach games

Why not challenge your loved ones with nerf-gun fights on the shore. Way to make it memorable, and especially interesting. You have fun, they have fun. Beach games are a win!


  1. Lanterns

If we could put lanterns in our offices, we totally would. There is just something special about them. They make everything ethereal and magical. You can never be wrong with candle-lit lanterns!



  1. Sea inspired little decor

With such a huge theme you can actually go crazy with all the little details that you can add to make it fresh and inspiring. Seashells, boats, anchors, starfish…You only have to choose!


5. Fireworks

Now this is our personal favorite. Having a firework show at the beach is the ultimate beach wedding dream. They enchant everybody, fun for the adults, fun for the kids and an amazing memory of your special day!


What do you think? If you are checking out beach venues in Italy, stay tuned ‘cause that piece is coming as well! If you are only looking for inspiration, checkout our Pinterest page and Instagram. We share pics of our weddings everyday!


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