5 Classy Bridal Shower Ideas (with pics!)

Traditionally, bridal shower is a bridesmaid’s responsability to plan, but in today’s day and age anyone can host a fantastic bridal shower.  For the bride: you know your girls are going to make it great! For the bridesmaid: We have some suggestions for you! We came up with a couple of ideas on how to make it chic and classy and keep it fun all together. Check out our top classy bridal shower ideas!

Classy Bridal Shower Ideas

Champagne Tower

What better thing to delight your lovely girls with a fantastic chic champagne tower. I mean, champagne HAS to be there! Why not make it classy the french way! This is an easy a cheap trick to set up the mood and it can really make a difference. You’ll be surprised!

classy bridal shower ideas



This swiss dish might be just the right bridal lunch/dinner/snack. Munching on some french cheese with bread and fresh produce, having a glass of the champagne we were talking about. Your girl friends will be delighted to share stories and connect over such a social dish!



Bar Cart

To keep your alcohol situation in check, organize a colorful and neat bar cart for your girl firends. A couple of bottles of wine, some hard liquors, soda and a cocktail set and you are pretty much all set! Be creative with cocktails and surprise your firends. It could be a do-it-yourself cocktail or plain old shots! Bar cart is the way to go, especially if it looks this nice!

bar cart


Dress Code

It could be super fun to set a dress code for the bridal shower.  Decide on the theme and engage your girls with it! All dressed in ironic suits for your night out? Why not! On bridal shower we wear pink? Not a mean girl but definitely a cute idea!



Everybody loves receiving gifts. Especially if they contain sweet, pink and adorable things that usually come with wedding favors! We propose the bridal shower favors for your bridesmaids. We have made a little list of wedding favors that could very much work for this too!


Did you enjoy this list of classy bridal shower ideas? Let us know in the comment section below!


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