5 Food Bar Idea For A Modern Wedding

Everybody loves when there’s a food bar at the wedding! Especially if it’s fancy and gourmet. Little dancing, little eating…goes a long way to make your wedding guests happy. We have some ideas to have a killer food bar at your wedding!

Sushi Bar

food bar
This is going to be a must for all the sushi enthusiasts. Cool designed sushi platters with all different types of rolls to be tried for your guests enjoyment? There is plenty of ideas all over the web, check them out!
Charcuterie Bar


This is very much suggested if you are having a vineyard wedding at your amazing Tuscany venue. Cold cuts, cheeses and special sauces. That’s the ingredients! Pair it with wine tasting, locally sourced and you’ve got the winning formula!



If you have a hunch that your guests might have a sweet tooth, we suggest you go for a hearty display of different types of chocolate. Sourced from different countries, varying quantities of cocoa and fancy pairings (have you ever tried chocolate with pieces of dried orange? You should.). Bonus point: it looks amazing!



Nothings says welcome more than such a social dish. Fondue is the way to go if you want to keep it classy but still approachable. Set it up with cool designer platters and lots of flower centerpieces and it’s a guaranteed winner!




If you want to go all the way Italian, what better food bar idea than pizza? Conquer the favour of adults and kids at once! Display different types of topping and forms and it will be fun and classy as well!

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