5 Reasons To Have a Winter Wedding!

Hello and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our affectionate readers and friends! We thought it would be nice to dedicate a piece to this magical festive season and write 5 reasons to have a winter wedding and make the holiday season even more special! Check it out!

1. Budget
When you decide to get married in the winter it usually means that you have great power over your suppliers! Winter is surely a less busy time for wedding planners, florists and wedding location. You will find more availability at a cheaper discounted price due to the fact that they want to work. Some of them offer straight up winter wedding packages. Consider this when planning your luxury wedding: you could still have a chic wedding at a more affordable price only choosing to have it in the winter time.

2. Waay more availability!
That wedding venue that you love but is always booked? If your heart is set on a venue you will find that it`s much easier to hire an awesome wedding venue in the winter time. As we said above, usually it´s not such a busy time and logistics gets drastically improved for everybody, even your guests! It would be much easier to pull off a mid-winter break and attend your wedding, which brings us to the next point.

3. It´s already holiday season!
Most people have already taken time off over Christmas time anyway. Choosing any of the days surrounding the main festivities will do it. However, we don´t suggest having your wedding on the Christmas day or New Year’s Eve ´cause most likely there won´t be a big attendance. Or Do! If that is the goal 😀

4. Awesome venues!
Take Tuscany, for instance: hundreds of majestic medieval castles and renaissance villas that can host the most spectacular wedding! Imagine yourself having your reception with the fireplace lit and enjoying a nice glass of wine with your guests. If there´s a Christmas tree as well it will make the celebration very special and add up to the whole festive atmosphere. Check out our articles on Tuscany wedding venues and choose a beautiful castle as the venue. Don´t worry too much about the weather: nowadays we have tricks to make everything perfect, read this article on wedding tents.

5. Hot honeymoon!
If you marry during July and August, you’re likely to have to pay more for your honeymoon as it’s during the holiday season. Winter, it’s the perfect time to visit the Maldives, South Africa or a Caribbean island and it will be much cheaper to get a honeymoon deal on this vacation destinations. Choosing to have a winter wedding allows you to have the best of both worlds!

Planning a wedding has never been so easy, especially with the help of professional and highly skilled people. This holiday we are especially thankful to all the brides who chose us to help them realize their dreams and we hope to help come true many more of them. Thanks to all our readers as well!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2018!

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