Most Beautiful Engagement Rings (and most expensive!)

It’s been Valentine’s Day recently and a lot of engagements have happened. Here at Blanc we were wondering about engagement rings and crazy diamonds through history. We dug up some beautiful pics from our Pinterest boards and there you go!


1 Agelina Jolie. $ 1 million, from Brad Pitt
Angelina starts the list with this beautiful ring from Rober Procop 16 carat baguette cut. Although the love didn’t last, at least she can glance at her hand a find a reason to smile! Diamonds would make anyone smile.

engagement rings


2 Melania Trump. $ 3 million, from Donald Trump
The very classy First Lady flaunts a 25 carat emerald-cut diamond from Graff. Given to her by the current President of the United States, it surely doesn’t go unnoticed.



3 Grace Kelly. $ 4.6 million, from Prince Rainier of Monaco
The unmistakingly beautiful (and otherworldly, I must say) Grace Kelly charmed her prince so much that he gifted her a 10.4 carat emerald-cut from house Cartier. Only suitable for queens!



4 Beyonce.  $ 5 million, from Jay-Z
Our favourite star received this 18 carat emeral-cut from her husband Jay-Z. Both of them have a networth of a billion so we are expecting Jay to hand another one to the Queen Bey.
After all, a queen doesn’t only have one diamond.



5 Kim Kardashian. $ 8 million, from Kanye West
Kim makes headlines for a lot of reasons, one of them being the 15 carat cushion-cut she has been given from her current husband Kanye West. Kanye surely has taste when it comes to diamonds!




6. Elizabeth Taylor. $ 8.8 million, from Richard Burton
Richard Burton blew everybody when he gifted this 33 cart diamond to the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor. He was so in love with her that he married her twice! We hope there was two diamonds but we will do good with this one!



7. Mariah Carey.  $ 10 million, from James Packer
First spot goes to America’s sweetheart Mariah Carey. This astounding 10-million 35 carat diamond is a beauty to behold. No wonder a girl falls in love! Especially if the girl is the soulful Mariah.



What do you think about these engagement rings? We shure wouldn’t mind having one!

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