Borgo Stomennano Wedding Venue

Today we talk about Borgo Stomennano wedding venue! As wedding planners in Tuscany, we have had wedding organised at this beautiful venue near Siena so many times. We also go a little bit further to say that it’s one of our favourite venues. Not only because it’s a magnificent venue but also for the kindness of the family that owns this estate.

We have so many beautiful pictures of weddings celebrated at Borgo Stomennano, have a look!


Where is it?

Borgo Stomennano is located near the Tuscan city of Siena, just a few kilometers from Florence and the other major cities. It is owned by the delightful Grassi family that has had the borgo for a long time now.

Borgo Stomennano wedding venue is the pride of this medieval-origin family members and if you choose to celebrate you wedding in this beautiful venue, most likely you will bump on the Grassis and have the chance to experience true hospitality, the Tuscan way!

Borgo Stomennano Wedding

Little History

The little village (borgo) of Stomennano is built on ancient Roman ruins, still visible by visitors that stroll in the beautiful area of Siena. The name of the borgo means peace, after the treat stipulated between Romans and barbars.


Borgo Stomennano is not just a wedding venue but also offers its estate for guests who want to stay over. At the moment it can accommodate up to 34 people divided in 5 different location. There you can enjoy the beautiful family villa and farmhouse, restored and kept with the utmost care.

Enclosing the borgo, there is an Italian-style garden are many buildings that once housed the farmers, the workshops and such. Some of these farm houses have been transformed into charming and comfortable apartments for peaceful holidays, while the farm itself still produces wine and olive oil.

Beautiful, isn’t it? If this introductory piece to Borgo Stomennano wedding venue sparked your interest, contact us and we will give you all the info you need!

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