Why choose an exclusive wedding venue?

You just got engaged and are absolutely over the moon? Want to organize the best wedding ceremony and make it chic and exclusive? This is your time to shine, then! Here at Blanc Ricevimenti we’ve had a lengthy discussion, and as luxury wedding planners we came to the conclusion that one of the most important features of a luxury wedding is the exclusive wedding venue. Today we talk about this, read on and let us know what you think!

The Exclusive Wedding Venue

Being able to exclusively use a wedding location is extremely important! It guarantees privacy for you and your guests on your special day. Wedding venues will give you 24 hours exclusive use of the location. This way you can be sure that on your wedding day you will only meet your dear guests and no one else!
The best-organized wedding venues usually provide the whole wedding thing: decorations, tables, linens catering team and everything else.
If your wedding location is very special it might not have all this and you need to take care of it.
That is no problem for a very skilled wedding planner! Here at Blanc, we have been able to transform unusual wedding location into the best wedding ceremony ever!
Check out these awesome small intimate wedding locations in Tuscany!

What’s good about an exclusive wedding venue?

• You can decorate it however you like it!
• The cost usually comes in a package so – no surprises!
• No strangers. Celebrate your special day with your friends and family.
• You can do it all in one venue! Your guests don’t need to drive around to reach the locations!
• Lots of pictures with no tourists/people around. You can literally have photoshoots and they will be awesome!


How to choose the most exclusive wedding venue?

1. Budget
An exclusive wedding venue is a little bit more expensive than a non-exclusive one but the benefits are so worth the price! Make sure to budget accordingly. Plus if you think about it: it might be actually cheaper and stress-free. Here’s what we mean: if you choose a chic wedding venue, maybe in the Tuscan countryside, with accommodations as well; you can work a package price. In most cases the wedding venues will want a deposit to secure the wedding date, so plan accordingly. If you don’t want to plan, please contact us: that’s our job! 😀

2. Location
Location, Location, Location! That’s the motto, isn’t it? The location of your wedding venue is essential. We have many pieces on this blog talking about beautiful wedding venues in Tuscany, check them out as well. But today we get a little bit practical: when choosing a wedding venue, think about your guest’s needs traveling-wise for instance. Your wedding should be comfortable to celebrate for your guests, not a chore or a pain. A good wedding planner will take care of these small details and make sure everything goes smoothly.

3. Accommodation
If you can and if you have the right budget for it, always choose a wedding venue with accommodation on-site. Your guests will thank you and it will keep you stress-free. Plus you can have it all: if you are celebrating a destination wedding, spend the honeymoon in the same venue as well! This time without the guests! 😉 Here in Tuscany, we have many wedding venues that are perfect for honeymoon vacations as well! Anything you choose make sure you like it because at the end of the day it’s your special day and you should have it however you like it!

This was our take on the subject of exclusive wedding venues and why you should totally book one for your wedding!

Stay tuned for other advice from luxury wedding planners on how to organize the best wedding ceremony!

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