5 Flower Trends For Bouquets in 2019

The wedding industry is subjected to trends just as much as the next industry. Being wedding planners also means keeping up with these trends and offer new and fresh ideas whenever necessary. We already scrutinized the decor trends in this article, but this one is specifically about flower trends for bouquets!  Here’s a couple of ideas for your bouquet and decor that will make you stand out from the countless weddings!


1. Foliage
Foliage is the deal. Bouquets composed only by leaves and greenery are super popular right now. It gives a very natural vibe and strays away from the sometimes-too-classy bouquet of white roses. Leaves from palm, grasses and colored foliage for a very natural feeling.  Boho style flower decor is definitely on the rise. Add in that it becomes way cheaper!flower trends


2. Single flower
It’s not uncommon to see on various social media this minimalist trend taking over everybody’s boards.
Bouquets composed of a single flower give off that chic minimalist vibe that anybody can pull off and still look quite sophisticated.


3. Contrasting colours
Who said that wedding flowers should be dainty and understated? Pairing up a delicate colore with a deep one is the thing right now. Just picture some peach and blush flowers with deep burgundy, or black ones. Choosing a palette will be the challenge but one we would love to take!


4. Sustainability
A bigger focus has been put on sustainability this year. Brides are looking for flower decor that doesn’t impact the environment. They are ditching their exotic flower fantasies and choosing the much more ethical sesonal local flower shop. This is an incredible thing ad we dig it so much!


5. Living Coral
Last but not least, the Pantone color of the year is Living Coral and we are living for it!!
It’s a beautiful peachy tone that is still quite elegnt and delicate, but adds an unusual pop of color never seen before!



These are the most famous flower trends right now! Do you have a favourite? Tell us in the comments below!

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