Invited to a Wedding? Here’s What Colors To Avoid!

Okay, you have been invited to you coworker’s/friend’s/family member’s wedding. Maybe you’ve never even attended one. 

The dress code could be tricky: you’ve seen majestic gowns in movies and TV shows and you have sort of an idea of what to wear. What you could have possibly failed to notice, is the colors of the afore-mentioned gowns. As in everything, there are rules that need to be respected at wedding ceremonies. It gets tricky real quick. You don’t want to wear something too casual, boring or out of place. But on the other side you don’t really want to out-shine the bride and her bridesmaids. We have written a few of these big no-nos so you can start hunting for a wedding invitation outfit!



A wedding is definitely NOT like going to Las Vegas. Anything paillettes, glitter or shiny in a disturbing fashion, is out. The reason is very simple: is just too noticeable. These garments are made to be seen, and you definitely don’t want to be the center of attention(privilege of the bride).


This is the sacred color of weddings. It is forbidden for anyone else except the bride. It should be a given but it’s worth mentioning. White represents purity and it is symbolical to the bride. We mean also those cream, pale nude, beige-y shades. If you have a doubt about the likeness to the brides dress, don’t do it!


Keep the too-short-dresses and plunge neck cuts for the club. Given the spiritual meaningfulness of the ceremony, and especially the location (most of the times is sacred places of worship), going on an about with too little clothing on is really in bad taste.


Pants, suits and jeans are a no-go zone. They’re simply too casual for this kind of ceremony. They look odd in pictures, frankly a little bit ugly. Plus, they don’t respect the sacredness of the event being held. 

Jumpsuits can be okay if they are elegant and tasteful.

Look your best for the most important day of your hosts!

Fiery Red

Absolutely do not wear red. Aside from the fact that in many cultures is the bride’s color, just like white is in western culture, red is too eye-catching. You will be seen as the red spot among pastel clothes and elegant wear. Not just red, any hot pink, bright orange and generally bright colors that grab the attention too much.


A wedding is not a funeral. Some people consider wearing black bad luck. And you certainly don’t want to jinx it to the hosts! Avoid wearing this gloomy color to a ceremony that is about joy and unity between two people in love. We get it, it’s sophisticated but so is a nice navy color. Without the gloominess.


Any other color should be fine but use your own judgement when choosing!

For everything else we are open for consulting on these matters! Just pop a question in the form below!

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