Luxury Wedding Favors (Some Are Very Extra!)

Luxury Wedding Favors

If there’s something that brides love is tradition! And what is more traditional than the italian custom of giving wedding guests something called “Bomboniere”. Today the tradition has evolved to giving out the most interesting favors, we will check out a few of them.

What are the “Bomboniere”?

The ‘bomboniere’ is the italian name of the very famous and traditional wedding favors.Wedding guests are given a small symbolic gift that is supposed to be a lucky charm. It used to be 5 almonds, for example. They were believed to bring health and benefits.
It’s a custom that has been acquired and practiced in many other European countries for hundreds of years. Originally, only the wealthy could afford it and it was a good way to display the power and wealth of the family. The more luxurious and fancy, the more the family was respected!

Jewels, silver, gold and fancy porcelain were given from those who could afford it!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to give gold bars to guests? 😀 We would all love it, especially your guests,  but what can be done in 2018 that is equally as luxurious but a bit more affordable? 🙂

We put up a few luxury wedding favors ideas that we found around the internet. Check them out!

The famous french house is incredibly good at displaying their macarons, sweets and accessories with incredible packaging that feels fancy and luxurious.

luxury wedding favors


Fancy alcohol.

The perfect man’s gift. Who doesn’t like a mini bottle of something? If it’s a nice aged whiskey even better! And mini champagne! Check out that cocktail making set: looks so classy!




Preserved flowers
This is the latest instagram trend, you see flower boxes everywhere! But our idea is to use preserved flowers as wedding favors. What are preserved flowers? They are flowers that last waaay longer thank to a process that substitutes the water content with something that makes them last up to 5 years! Can you imagine giving out a little rose that is gonna stay fresh for so long?

Pampering products.  

There’s nothing that guests love more than receiving something useful that they can use to pamper themselves. Be it make up, luxury skincare samples,  expensive candles or fancy cigars! And who doesn’t want to receive a Jo Malone candle or an Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette! Even if it means being a very extra bride! 😀




We have a whole Pinterest page filled with these amazing ideas, check it out!

What about you? What’s the most crazy expensive wedding favor you ever heard of?



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