San Gimignano Wedding Venue


It’s blog post Friday! And this time it’s San Gimignano Wedding Venue’s turn! As you know, every other week we present you with some fabulous wedding venues in Tuscany (but not only!) and today we will talk about the Tuscan New York! It truly reminds the Big Apple ‘cause of its many medieval towers and tall strongholds that resemble the skyscrapers in a very Italian and countryside way! 🙂


san gimignano wedding venue

San Gimignano is on the very top of a beautiful hill, very convenient medieval position, and overlooks the Val D’Elsa. It has been recognized as part of UNESCO thanks to its breathtaking architecture, history and culture. You can see and feel them as soon as you enter the main fortified gateway of the city.


This wedding location has an astounding 14 towers! If you happen to travel through Tuscany, San Gimignano is the most recognizable of all our villages thanks to these very particular towers.

Why the towers? Back in the middle ages, noble families would build one of their own as a status statement, representing their wealth and influence.

It was more very much like a challenge to have the tallest and most beautiful tower!


If anyone thinks about a small medieval with super tights little street and ancient medieval corners, they are thinking about San Gimignano.
It’s the quintessential medieval village in Tuscany! The square, the churches, the stones…To have a walk in this city is truly a pleasure.

San Gimignano is the perfect wedding venue for those couples who want to enjoy the beauties of the most amazing Tuscan countryside medieval village.

You might be worried that it’s too complicated for you to plan your wedding in this beautiful small city. Blanc is a wedding planner based in Tuscany that has helped hundreds of couples for 20 years,  to get married in Italy.

No plan pain! Your trust will be prized with professionality and confidence.


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