Spring News!

Hello lovelies! Today we skip the usual blog post to tell you about some awesome new features of our website! For the new wedding season we felt like a change and we are so happy about the results!  Here’s the news!

New Domain 
You surely have noticed that we changed our wbsite url to blanctuscanyweddings.com.
The previous one was in Italian and we didn’t feel like it mirrored our newly-found international reach. Yes, Blanc has gone international and we want everybody to know about it!

New logo
The restyling of our website include our iconic logo. We felt like we needed a new style, more in tune to our latest vibe. The spring really brought us a creative streak!

New content
We have filled out info pages with rich content about our services. The most important thing for somebody that wants a wedding abroad, is to find as much detaild info as possible. We have made this possible and you can check out our services page for everything you need!

Always in contact
You probably have already noticed, but we have made it easier for you to contact us at any chance! The contact bar is always on the right side of the blog and you can pop in a question at any time.

Booming Socials
Our socials have exploded lately! Our instagram is doing really great and we encourage you to follow us for fresh and unique content everyday. We really have put a big effort in our social strategy and we take great care of our content. All of it from our special weddings!
Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!

At last we thank you for being loyal readers and generally awesome Blanc friends! We hope you like this new version of us! You will hear from Blanc next Friday with a new article (we didn’t forget!).

Blanc Team

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