Unique Wedding Altar Ideas

Today we will talk about decor! Not only decor but the main subject about it! Indeed we talk about the main piece of decor of your wedding: the altar! It is going to be in sight the whole ceremony and it better be worth watching!  We came up with some original wedding altar ideas that you can draw inspiration from. Enjoy!

Nothing looks more elegant than plain, crisp white drapes that come down by the sides as the sweetest frame for you and your betrothed. Classic.

Wedding Altar Ideas


Circle Floral Decor
You can never go wrong with this classic design, really. Guaranteed to make awesome pictures. Huge flower wreath goes a long way!



Driftwood Beach Vibe
Feeling some boho beach vibes for your wedding? This is one of the cutest wedding altar ideas. You can even DIY it with your partner, which will make it even more special.



Drapey Flower Gazebo
Now, isn’t this the most Instagram-worthy wedding altar ever? The blush tone of the flower compliment the white drapes and make it look like a fairy tale setting! We vote for flower gazebo.



Integrated with Nature
If you have a majestic venue, enhanced by beautiful surrounding nature, why bother with decor? Just work around what you already have. An old oak tree can become the background to fantastic wedding shots!



Intricate Decor
Nowadays, wedding decor is such a staple that different professional figures have come forth. Hire a professional decorator to design a unique custom-made wedding altar for you. The result can be awesome!


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