Villa Magi Wedding Venue

It’s Wedding Venue Friday again! As you may know, we publish regularly about the best wedding locations in Tuscany. We review the most exclusive places in order for our readers to be informed when they have to choose their big location!

Today we talk about Villa Magi!


Villa Magi is located in Foiano della Chiana, near Arezzo. It is a truly unique villa, different from all the others so far. This one is built with a Liberty architecture, very different from our usual castles and rustic manors.

If you check out the aerial view, it will look like a majestic villa from a fairy tale!

wedding venue

His owner, Mario, has arranged it to host a variety of events and is fully equipped as a wedding venue. The most luxurious and exclusive events have had Villa Magi as a setting.

If you have scrolled past thousands of villas in Tuscany that you are not feeling, this might be your lucky one!

The Park

The villa has 30 thousand square meters of amazing park, curated and managed with the utmost care. The winter garden ensures a classy and cozy environment when the cold weather is unforgiving.

Great for children who can enjoy themselves and be free!

Also, with a proper setting, such a big place can be arranged to have different section with different activities for your guests.


In the park there is a beautiful travertine fountain that can be decorated with lights to make a magical atmosphere.


The main room can host a total of 300 people. That’s plenty for a grand wedding! Of course the open area can hold so many more (up to 800).



We recommend booking Villa Magi as your wedding venue, at least 8-12 months in advance.

They have many years of experience in wedding hosting and will be more than pleased to make your Tuscan dream come true!


Blanc Ricevimenti can plan your wedding in Tuscany without you having to worry about booking venues or talking to decorator or caterers.
With more than 20 years of experience on our side, we can confidently say that we know how to plan an amazing wedding!

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