Wedding Guest Entertainment Done Right!

You’ve chosen the dress, the flowers, the venue and…the husband! You’ve got everything set but you fear for those long dead moments that can happen at weddings, when the champagne hasn’t hit yet and you need something to spice things up! Today we suggest you 5 ideas for wedding guest entertainment! Let’s get to them!

1. Lights show

wedding guest entertainment

Nowadays light art has evolved so much that it allows you to have magnificent shows that your guest will immensely enjoy. Light shows are guarateed to leave them speechless. Plus, you only really need a light artist, they usually think about all the set up themselves!

2. Chocolate fountain

chocolate fountain for wedding

I mean, what else can you say about a chocolate fountain. We have yet to find somebody who didn’t enjoy it. It fun for kids (super fun!) but will make adults happy as well. The magic of chocolate!

3. Wine tasting

wine tasting wedding

You are in the beautiful italian countryside, why not offer a fantastic wine tasting experience to your guests. Local fancy wines from the nearby vineyards, maybe with some cheese platters. This is what we call wedding guest entertainment in Italy! 🙂

4. Photo booth


The photo booth is a classic and it’s a fantastic way to make your guests actively engage in your special day. Find fun backgrounds and props so you they can take pictures and have a nice, fun memory of the whole day!

5. Contest


Have a little contest, with the awards as well, of “The best..”, it can be “The best Dressed” “The funniest guest” and so on. This will make everybody engage and have fun!

What about you? Do you have fun ideas for wedding entertainment? What would you like to see?

Wedding guest entertainment suggested by Team Blanc.

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