Wedding in Montepulciano

Blanc team is back at it to present you with an amazing venue idea. We are talking about Montepulciano. Deciding between the many wedding venues in Tuscan can be hard, and we do our part by summarizing the best characteristics about each city and venue.
A wedding in Montepulciano can be just the right decision if you’ve been thinking about a ceremony abroad.


wedding in montepulciano

Montepulciano is the typical Tuscan town and is ideal setting  for a wedding celebration.

You’ll be surrounded by the city’s tall cypresses and the majestic views that only the Tuscan hillside can offer. Located a mere one hour and a half from  Florence and one hour from Siena.


The influence of Middle Age and Renaissance can be seen walking around the red-brick buildings and streets. At the very center, the town’s square, tall and ancient buildings can be admired such as the Cathedral, Palazzo Tarugi, Palazzo Comunale and many others.

Montepulciano is mostly known for its world famous wine. An excellent location if you decide to have a vineyard wedding in one of the close locations!


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You can also get married at the Palazzo Comunale, right in the center of the town. 

If you want to have an atmosphere that throws you right in the Renaissance era, with romantic setting under the “Loggia” or in one of the beautifully decorated Palazzos. 

The reception can be held in a terrace the overlooks the whole valley and enjoy the typical beauty that only such a city can provide. And the pics will we so worth it!



Wedding in Montepulciano

In Montepulciano weddings can be celebrated all days of the week including Saturday and Sunday. The bureaucracy doesn’t request so much time and attention, the wedding vows can be taken the same day as the wedding.  

Music can be played and we highly recommend a violinist for the ceremony. It will be such an amazing ceremony worth the memories for both you and your guests.


If you want to know more about getting married in Montepulciano, contact us at the form on the page!.


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