Wedding Traditions In Italy

Hello Lovelies! We celebrate this fantastic Friday with a brand new piece. Today’s topic is wedding traditions in Italy ! While some of them are worldwide traditions, others are typical and unique to our beautiful peninsula. It’s true, we have imported a lot of them, ‘cause, why not! More traditions more fun!

Weddings are a big deal in Italy and we usually go grand! Have you ever wondered why we throw rice at a wedding? Keep reading!


Bachelorette Parties

wedding traditions in italy

In other countries, stag parties and bachelorette parties are special events where, the rest of the world, spends the night before the wedding partying and going crazy!

In Italy is not much like so. We usually have a nice dinner with the closest friends and traditionally  keep it low-key. Nowadays it’s very common to see brides-to-be with their girlfriends rent a limo and celebrate ‘til late. We suggest heavy amounts of concealer (or, as an alternative, the italian relaxed way!)


No Gold!


On the wedding day, brides are not supposed to wear gold aside from her band.
It is considered bad luck!


Tie to Pieces

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This is a very old tradition but still honored sometimes. The groom’s tie is shredded to pieces and given to attendants for a small gift!


Rice is nice!

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After the ceremony at the church, rice gets thrown of the newly wed as a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Shower  with rice your friends next in line to this awesome tradition!


No tuesdays or fridays!


Nè di Venere nè di Marte, non ci si sposa, nè si parte! Which, translated, means that you shouldn’t get married (or travel) on Tuesdays and Fridays. The luckiest day is considered Saturday!




This is a typical italian tradition. Bomboniere are little confetti (by confetti we mean sugar-coated almonds) traditionally given as a little present to all of the guests. Bomboniere should contain an odd number of confetti for good luck!


Blind Bride


The bride shouldn’t look at herself in the mirror the wedding day! It is said to bring bad luck on the marriage. And, hear this, if she does actually want to look at herself, she has to remove either an earring, a shoe or a glove if she has one!


Crazy, isn’t it? But we do love our small traditions. They help make the day extra special. Gives chance to have so many funny moments and mishaps, plus make it unforgettable!

What are your favourite wedding traditions in Italy?

Tell us your contries weird traditions!


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