5 Wedding Trends To Watch Out For

Here’s the traditional Friday post! Today we will be giving you 5 wedding trends crazes that we have seen so often on social media and online in general. The wedding industry is also subject of trends but luckily for all of us, they manage to be very classy and contained. We were also surprised to really like number 5!


1 . Out of this world cakes!

This year hightlights the decor more than we ever seen. Especially when it come to wedding cakes. We are seeing a trend for these beautiful pieces of art. Custom-made, elaborate and instagram worthy cakes are taking over!


2. Dark color palette

Brides are straying from the conventional even more. We are ditching the pastel tones, the blushes and the whites for moody palettes and darker vibes. It’s not unusal in 2019 to see velvet burgundy as the main color, or maybe a cool grey with navy accents. It’s definitely something new!

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3. Unusual flower settings

We pretty much have seen roses and peonies made into every possible setting imaginable. It’s understandable for people to want to see something different and maybe get creative with other kinds of flowers or plants. Roses are nice for sure, but so is creativity!


4. Balloons

For some reason, balloons have blown up (pardon the pun) in 2019. Maybe because they are very visually pleasing and make great pictures. Inluencer use them daily like it’s their birthday and the trend has been taking over the wedding industry as well. We think balloons make it fun and keep the children enetertained!


5. No-Makeup Makeup!

The no-makeup trend used to be a staple in the past when it comes to weddings. Brides were supposed to wear demure make-up to represent their innocence and youthfulness. Of course the times have changed and the weddings are more about individual taste than what the bride is supposed to be (and we like it this way!). But the bare-looking face is back in style and we have to admit that we do like it a lot! Especially if you pair it with a killer dress!


What is your favourite wedding trend in 2019? Tell us in the contact form above!

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