3 Things that Will Make your Wedding Perfect

We always talk about the perfect glam wedding for our special day but we never actually

describe the features that a glam wedding should have to be successful and be considered

really unforgettable.

What is it then? What do you need to give yours guests to have them experience the classiest and most glam wedding they could ever attend?

In our experience, the three following elements are key:


Locationglam wedding

Choosing the perfect location is really important if you are looking to have a glam wedding.

The place can be a beautiful hillside or Italian villa or luxury hotel. The important thing about

it, is the organization. Only professionals know how to highlight the beauty of your location

with wonderful catering and decorations.
They don’t need to be fancy, just classy, so the natural beauty of your location shines through.
At Blanc Ricevimenti we have been doing it since many yeas and we can provide you with the best service possible!



glam wedding

It would be a horrible experience if the wedding was magnificent but you couldn’t treasure it

with pictures because you’ve chosen the wrong photographer.

Sometimes we say that the photographer runs the wedding because it’s the person in charge of

the physical photographic evidence that you are going to show to everybody for the rest of

your life. So he can have you and your guests do what he/she wants and pose multiple times.

The photographer needs to be chosen very carefully and you should always get to know the

person beforehand so you can understand if the style fits your taste.



glam wedding

A wedding to be unforgettable and glam has to leave an impression on the guests. Such an impression that they will remember your special day as well. The best way to do this
is to think carefully about the catering and what you are offering to your guests: be it an

astounding banquet, amazing music or little gifts that they can take home. Always think about

the added value and what you could actually give them.


These are only three key points but there’s many more!


We’ve been helping grooms and brides since 16 years at Blanc Ricevimenti and we are able to help you out and organize the perfect wedding in Tuscany! Don’t hesitate to contact us!




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